My first record

I bought my first record in 1978. Like many of my cohort, Saturday mornings used to be spent in our local branch of FW Woolworth which by then was known simply as “Woolies”.

Each week we would go in and see what the chart rankings were. Which disks had been moved up the numbered racks and which were shifted down, destined for the returns department.

If you had a bit more money you could also buy albums there and I remember one label, in particular, would do their own, sometimes distinctly second-rate, versions of the most popular songs of the day.

Having saved up some pocket money, I was finally ready to buy my first record. A 7″ vinyl disk with a single song on both sides. Wandering up to the counter, I asked for a copy of the number 4 song in the chart, handed over my money and waited for the assistant. She pulled a disk from the rack. Took it out of its sleeve. Checked both sides for any visible scratches before putting it back into the paper cover. Shook took my money and handed the disk over.

That was it. I was now a member of the music buying public. A member of the cools kids I thought. The kids who had graduated on from making camps in the local woods and riding around on our bikes.

That record turned out to be the 30th best-selling record of the year, 1978.

What was it?

Jilted John” by the band of the same name.

Yeah we knew all about the culture of cool in those days. 🙂 NOT!


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