Squabbling for territory

Today the UK formally triggered Article 50 to begin the process of leaving the European Union.

I know, if you have been anywhere near a TV you will be well aware of that.

However, the London-centric media still seems to be fighting last year’s referendum with its scare-mongering.

Like a petulant child, the EU Commission has blocked a merger between the London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Boerse. Not entirely unexpected.

One particular article seized upon how the German Chancellor said future trade deal negotiations would have to wait until after the exit deal was negotiated. This is clearly a negotiating ploy, as you cannot have the former, without the latter also being in place.

How will she explain to the Chief Executives of companies like Mercedez, VW, Audi and BMW they have lost access to the lucrative UK?

Vorsprung durch, oops we can’t export!

How will the French Prime Minister explain to the vineyard owners and farmers of France, they cannot ship their wines or dairy products into the UK?

It is posturing.

It is posturing by the Politicians of EU countries, but it is also posturing by the London-centric media.

Politicians on both sides of the negotiation need to expedite matters and go for a quick separation. This will return stability to their economies.

The only question I think that remains outstanding is which country will be the next to leave the European Union and perhaps that is what they are really concerned about.



Your thoughts?

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