Forgive them, they know not what they do

BBC News reports that Amazon has launched what is being referred to as a ‘style assistant’.

I have to admit that my first thought was:

They want you to put microphones into your home using Amazon Echo. Now here come the cameras.

Presumably, it will not be long before other large corporations launch similar products.

It seems to me it is yet another piece of the total surveillance grid being put into place. In fact, it is worse than that because the narcissistic millennial generation will pay to have the surveillance set on them.

Of course, the usual talk of not passing on information to third parties gets a mention. I’m sure the corporate executives actually mean what they say, but what about those with less than honourable intent. What happens when these devices start getting hacked? We have all heard of massive data breaches relating to technology, so what data does this device collect and store in databases? Somehow that aspect always gets lost in the marketing.

What happens when these devices start getting hacked? We have all heard of massive data breaches relating to technology, so what data does this device collect and store in databases? Somehow that aspect always gets lost in the marketing.

We have all heard of massive data breaches relating to technology, so what data does this device collect and store in databases? Somehow that aspect always gets lost in the marketing.

Surely it is reasonable to assume that it is only a matter of time before any new technology is hacked?

The tech industry is spending huge sums of money trying to convince the world that the ‘internet of things’ is something we all need.

Why would I want my washing machine to be connected to the internet? Or my fridge, freezer or toaster? It just does not make sense to me.

Why would I want a microphone or camera sending information about me to a foreign owned corporation?

I don’t think I am spinning you a yarn when I say the narcissistic millennial generation that has been brought up on a diet of ‘selfies’ seem to be in the firing line. Once the early adopters are in, the rest will follow without thinking.

Then the surveillance grid becomes the ‘new normal’.

Needless to say, it is not a concept I intend buying into.

Tired Cat

All Tuckered Out

I’m tired. No scratch that. I’m absolutely knackered.

My back is killing me. My eyes feel like they have had sandpaper rubbed against them. Need I go on?

What is the cause of all this pain? You’re looking at it. Spending too long at the computer screen trying to find work. Between that and making phone calls, I have almost forgotten what the outside world looks like.

So I have resolved to get outside, out and about over the weekend. Meet and talk to new people.

So if a random person comes up to you and starts talking, be kind, it could be me. 🙂

Darkest Night podcast

The Darkest Night Podcast

Darkest Night is an audio podcast I recently discovered on iTunes by The Paragon Collective.

Originally released from October to December last year, it is centred around the fictional Roth Lobdow Centre for Advanced Research where the highly secretive Project Cyclops is being conducted.

The supernatural, futuristic science genre isn’t normally my cup of tea, but I have to admit, from the first episode I was hooked.

The strong characters from the well-written scripts are brought to live by the team of actors who all bring credibility and depth to their respective parts.

Unlike other audio drama podcasts, the music and effects all add to the atmosphere without overpowering the performance.

If you like audio dramas, head over to the Darkest Night website and get your podcatcher ready.


Arson is a serious crime

Just heard the news that a local Bushcraft school has had its entire site destroy by a fire that was deliberately set. On top of that, the scumbags stole all the tools; axes and shovels as well as destroying school educational aids and kits.

What they could not burn, they smashed to pieces.

Basecamp, seating, kitchen all gone.

It is the time of year when there’s normally a spike in outdoor activity so it really could not have happened at a worse time.

I just hope whoever is responsible is caught and they face the full force of the law.

Vandenburg Air Force Base Launch

North Korea missile launch – did it really fail?

It is not the nicest message to bring to you this Easter Sunday, but looking at the history books, I wonder if we are living through a replay of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s.

There is much coverage in the media this morning about a missile launch attempt from North Korea yesterday. Plenty of column inches filled with guffaws and ridicule of that country’s dictator, but it was one solitary comment on Twitter that really caught my eye.

Could it be someone was reading too much into something that went wrong?

Is it a hypothesis that should be considered?

I doubt we will ever really know, but it is certainly the message that stood out from all the victorious tub-thumping the media are currently putting out.

Once again, I would encourage everyone to instruct their own politicians to keep calm heads. The world does not need another war, particularly one that could go nuclear very quickly.

Pace Egg – There’s nowt so queer as folk

England is full of daft traditions and perhaps more so in Yorkshire than other places.

From the land that brought us the Brontë sisters all the way through to Last of the Summer Wine and a whole host of things in between.

Tomorrow is Good Friday so this is a timely reminder.

Good Friday. That means Pace Egg play day.

Traceable back to the early 1600s, Pace Egg is a classic medieval mystery play, performed in the open come wind, rain or shine, every Good Friday in Weavers Square in Heptonstall, West Yorkshire.

The play itself is performed a number of times in the square throughout the day and during the breaks between performances, tradition dictates that the players head off to the nearby pub to lubricate their vocal chords.

The first performance of the day sticks fairly rigidly to the script and you will find that the first performance one year, will be very similar to the first performance of the another.

As the day progresses, the script changes. The vocal lubrication takes effect and you will find the jokes change, the players mercilessly tease each-other if someone forgets a line or cue, drag audience members into the fray, or indeed generally just improvise with one-another until one of them finds a way to get back on script.

The result is highly entertaining and draws a huge crowd to each of the free performances.

However, it only happens one day per year, so tomorrow is your chance for 2017.