UK Music Industry: J’accuse!

In an effort to avoid spending money, I spent tonight, like many other Friday nights, at home, surfing the net and watching YouTube videos.

Amidst all the dross, I stumbled across the video below.

He’s got more talent in his little finger than 99% of the rubbish that has made it into the UK charts in the 21st Century.

Why hasn’t this man got a multi-album deal? I point the finger at the same industry that gave us The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Madness, Oasis.

He’s not a skinny early 20s indie boy. He’s not a woman who will perform virtually naked to sell ‘units’.

That’s why the UK music industry hasn’t made him a millionaire ‘star’ and I condemn the industry for failing to recognise such talent.

Performing on the street, live, no lip-synch (mime), no auto-tune, just one man, his voice and guitar. There is nowhere to hide any cock-ups and frankly I don’t hear any.

This guy has earned his spurs, honed his craft. By rights he should be spending his downtime in a mansion somewhere.

Mr Steve Robinson, busker in Bath, I salute you and your incredible talent sir.

If you see this, please post a link in the comments for where people can buy your CDs.


2 thoughts on “UK Music Industry: J’accuse!

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