Is it kicking off in the east?

For the first time in my life, I am heading off to bed this evening wondering what shape the world will be in tomorrow morning.

Over on Twitter this evening, I have seen:

  • People describing the mobilisation of Chinese forces towards North Korea.
  • Japan scrambling jets as Russian plane approached their airspace.
  • US forces heading for the western Pacific to exercise with the Japanese before allegedly heading off towards North Korea.
  • Speculation still circulating about who did what in Syria.
  • US Forces carrying out aerial searches off the west coast of the USA, supposedly looking for a hostile submarine.
  • A USAF jet taking off from RAF Waddington heading for who knows where.
  • The attack on a football team’s coach in Germany using roadside bombs detonated by a mobile phone signal.

To those calling for, or threatening, war, I say you go first and take your first born child off to war with you.

With the US, North Korea and China all sabre-rattling using the word ‘nuclear’ the stupidest little thing could cause the worst escalation in violence the world has even seen.

All nations need to calm their politicians down, cut the rhetoric and do all they can to avoid the global destruction nuclear weapons could bring.


Your thoughts?

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