North Korea missile launch – did it really fail?

It is not the nicest message to bring to you this Easter Sunday, but looking at the history books, I wonder if we are living through a replay of the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s.

There is much coverage in the media this morning about a missile launch attempt from North Korea yesterday. Plenty of column inches filled with guffaws and ridicule of that country’s dictator, but it was one solitary comment on Twitter that really caught my eye.

Could it be someone was reading too much into something that went wrong?

Is it a hypothesis that should be considered?

I doubt we will ever really know, but it is certainly the message that stood out from all the victorious tub-thumping the media are currently putting out.

Once again, I would encourage everyone to instruct their own politicians to keep calm heads. The world does not need another war, particularly one that could go nuclear very quickly.


Your thoughts?

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