Please stop. Please! Just make it stop!

I wonder if NASA have any vacancies on their next mission because if this nonsense continues, I will have to leave.

Universities are supposed to be seats of academic exploration. Where people can hold opposing views, test each other’s hypotheses, reflect and then refine their own view in light of the results and evidence. That is how enquiring minds are trained and enter society with a quizzical attitude to improve things.

I don’t know, or indeed care what a ‘microaggression’ is. I am not phased if people look at me or not. You see, that is because I am an adult who has matured due to life experience.

I would love to pursue further degrees in subjects that interest me now, subjects I could not abide when I was eighteen and making first degree choices. Yet, if this funded research is all the ‘best of the best’ can offer, I’ll not be spending £9,000 per year with them.

Having seen the video below, I looked around at some other university-based videos. I found people who were unable or unwilling to explain their points of view and how they arrived at their opinions. If that is the quality of 21st Century university education then save your cash and learn something useful like foraging for food. It is a skill we all may need in the future.


Your thoughts?

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